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Debt Collection Services in Honesdale, PA

We have been in business over 30 years collecting money for our clients.

We specialize in collecting healthcare debt and have ongoing client relationships as long as 30 years with some major healthcare providers. That means we collect today for some of the same clients we've had since 1983. With hospitals, medical centers, ambulance and emergency response services, physicians, medical supply companies, pharmacies and dentists as our clients we offer debt collection services throughout the healthcare industry.
We also collect consumer debt. In the last 30 plus years we have had numerous consumer clients accounts with auto repair shops, banks, car dealerships, construction companies, electronic sales and services, fitness centers, sewer repair services, utility companies and towing companies just to name a few. With a client base as diverse as this we feel we can successfully collect for anyone.
Don't you think its time to let Wayne Enterprises collect for you?